Digital Keratin Bonding Iron

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The perfect lightweight compact mini tool for precision keratin bond installation.



Digital Mini – Professional Keratin Bond Connector with bonus Velcro cable wraps and zipper pouch for easy storage.

The perfect lightweight (only 6 ounces) compact mini tool for precision Appliqué Tip installation.

  • Perfect for all types of keratin bonds
  • Digital temperature control with LCD display
  • High temperature
  • Rapid heating – shows exact temperature as it heats
  • Stays hot & keeps you on time – does not automatically shut off between bonds
  • Long lasting easy-clean flat Teflon plates
  • For a perfectly spaced, clean, and safe install, use with our Appliqué Tip heat shields
  • °C Temperature range: 80°–200°C (Celsius) adjustable in 10°C increments
  • Temperature selection is displayed and adjusted only in °C
  • For reference, °F temperature range is 176°F–392°F (Fahrenheit)
  • Rated voltage: 110V-120V 60HZ / US standard plug
  • Rated power: 25W
  • Allow iron to cool fully before storing in zipper pouch
  • 90 Day limited warranty through Frame & Thread

Always use a heat shield to protect your client’s scalp.

This is the same tool you see other extensions companies putting their brand name on and selling at a higher price. It’s a nice tool and it works well. It won’t last forever though. Depending on how heavily it is used and how it is cared for, you should expect it to last a year or so.

Many educators will suggest always having a backup iron available during an install.

Download Complete Instructions

Heat shields, pliers, and remover spray are not included.

Temperature Conversion
The appliance displays temperature in °C (Celsius). This is not the same as °F (Fahrenheit). If the bond you are applying specifies a °F temperature, use the conversion chart below.

Using a higher temperature gives a faster, more thorough melt which can set up a stronger bond. Higher temperature can be harder to work with for stylists who are newer to keratin bond installation.

200°C  =  392°F – highest temperature for our Appliqué Tips

190°C =  374°F – medium temperature for our Appliqué Tips

180°C  =  356°F – lowest temperature for our Appliqué Tips (not recommended)

170°C  =  338°F
160°C  =  320°F
150°C  =  302°F
140°C  =  284°F
130°C  =  266°F
120°C  =  248°F
110°C  =  230°F
100°C  =  212°F
90°C  =  194°F
80°C  =  176°F