The Luxury Slavic Hair You Love in a Virtually Undetectable Seamless Tab.
Our exclusive ultra-premium design mimics the natural root for the most realistic and hidden look possible in tape-in extensions.
Seamless Tape In Extensions


Soft ultra-flexible invisible tab lays flat.

Seamless Tabs remain more hidden than traditional tape-ins, even placed higher on the head.

Safe & suitable for all hair types.

Invisible installs on even the finest hair.

Hypoallergenic premium tape - made in USA.

Comfortable for sensitive scalps.

Tape-In Hair Extensions Seamless

Install & Color

 Seamless Tabs are conveniently sold in small packs allowing you to create your perfect blend for the most flawless installs.

Each pack is 30 grams with 12 pieces to make 6 sandwiches.

Can be used with One Tab, our premium single-sided tape for single piece installs - great for fine hair, around the temple, or very close to the hair line.

Quick & easy to apply, remove, and re-apply.

From toning to vivids, color as you would a hand-tied weft - coloring the tab can be unpredictable and should be tested or avoided.

Strong adhesive lasts 6-8 weeks with use of our prep shampoo & proper care*.

Easy re-tape up to 3 times.

Easy removal with our Tab Release Spray.

Mix Tapes

All of our tapes are made in the USA.

Seamless Tabs are pre-tabbed with Luxe Tab - our extra comfortable, hypoallergenic tape for all hair types.

Available One Tab single-sided tape for extra-hidden light-weight single-piece installs on fine hair and around the temple.

Available Duo Tab extra strong medical grade tape with one side designed for the tab & one side designed for the client's natural hair for the most secure yet non-damaging application.

Dimensions & Density

1.5" wide tab

Available in 18" & 22" lengths

12 pieces in a pack to make 6 tape-in sandwiches

2.5 grams per piece / 5 grams per sandwich

30 grams total per pack

18″ Seamless Tabs

Finished length of almost 19″

Root-to-tip density - over 80 percent of the length is between 18-20 inches


    22″ Seamless Tabs

    Finished length of almost 23″

    Root-to-tip density - over 80 percent of the length is between 22-24 inches

    Tape-In Hair Extensions

    Stylist Tips

    Place a different color on each side of your sandwich to create a truly unique custom result.

    Cutting Seamless Tabs to create mini-tabs allows for more precise placement where needed. Tabs can be cut from top to bottom and should never be cut across the tab. To cut evenly, fold tab in half before removing tape and cut the fold line.

    *Tape bonds become stronger over time. This is true of all tape-ins from any manufacturer. After 6 weeks, they may become more difficult to remove. For easier removals; re-tabs and move-ups are best scheduled before 6 weeks.