Pretty Girls With Pretty Curls - How to Style Your Wefts

Hand-tied & micro weft extensions can make styling so much easier. One of the reasons people love extensions is that they help your style last for days.

Whether you want curls for a night out or something a little more permanent, we have some tips.

Curling Your Wefts

You'll want to take  steps to protect your wefts from heat before you start. This is especially important at the ends so they don't get shorter over time.

Freshly clean hair may not hold a curl as long as hair that has not been washed for a day or so

Start with a heat protectant before styling.

Keep your beauty device at 360°F or below (182°C) and only use a heat tool on dry hair.

Spray with a light working spray then do a quick pass with your curling iron over your extensions. Smooth out the extensions and help prep them for curls.

Curl in opposite directions. This will give you a perfect beach wave.

Spray with finishing spray then allow your curls to cool before brushing them. Brushing curls will create a beautiful seamless blend so don’t be afraid to brush out the curls.

With dry shampoo & a quick curling iron touch-up, your curls can last for days.

Darker colors that receive less processing during production may be a bit harder to curl until it is washed a few times and worn for a few weeks.

Images & inspiration by Lauren Iaconetti.

Can I Perm My Wefts?

Yes. If you want long-lasting style, wefts can be permed. This should only be done by a professional stylist. Darker colored wefts will hold up better through the process. Just like your own hair, wefts can change color during a perm and it does shorten the life span of the weft.

Perms should be done before weft installation.

Select perm rod size for your desired curl pattern.

Use a perm solution for heavily highlighted hair.

Use the perm solution for five minutes.

Rinse for five minutes.

Blot extensively with paper towels.

Apply neutralizer, rinse, and air neutralize for 24 hours.

If you would like to custom color your wefts, that would be done after a perm.

The life-span of the curl can vary and it is not advisable to re-perm wefts.

Frame & Thread intends this as a guide for our own wefts and we can not be responsible for any use of this information with other brands.