Appliqué Tips by Frame & Thread

The Frame & Thread luxury Slavic hair you love is also available in a strand-by-strand hot or cold fusion keratin-bond application that is fully customizable.

Appliqué Tips are perfect for your hand-tied clients who want a seamless blend closer to the hair line or in thin areas.

K-Tip Hair Extensions

Our Appliqué Tips are conveniently sold in packs of 20 strands so you can use them in a hybrid hand-tied install for your clients who want “a little more” or select your perfect color blend to create a flawless full-head install.

Premium flexible hypoallergenic Italian keratin flat-tip bond
Seamless application
Use our Digital Keratin Bonding Iron for strong bonds
Hot or cold-fusion compatible
Effortless removal with bond releasing liquid and pliers
Safe & suitable for all hair types
Naturally derived keratin
Silicone free hair
Available in 18" & 22" lengths
20 strands per pack / 1 gram per strand
20 grams per pack
Bond tips can can be trimmed or cut for a perfect density match (see below)
Long lasting wear up to 3-4 months depending on hair growth & care

18″ Strands
Finished length of almost 19″
Over 80 percent of the length is between 18-19 inches

22″ Strands
Finished length of almost 23″
Over 80 percent of the length is between 22-23 inches

For full-head Appliqué Tip installs, we recommend:
Fine hair 4-7 packs
Medium hair 6-8 packs
Thick hair 7-9 packs

Keep in mind when deciding how much hair you need: Each 20-pack of Appliqué Tips is equal to or slightly heavier than 1 hand-tied weft. For example, 5 packs of Appliqué Tips would be like putting in 5-6 hand-tied wefts.



Stylist Tip:

Our Appliqué Tips can be installed closer to the hairline or part than other types of extensions.

The bond can be cut shorter (top to bottom) and narrower (side to side) for a virtually weightless undetectable bond. These "baby bonds" are especially useful at the hairline and in areas that are either too fine to conceal a weft or too fragile to hold a weft.

Apply in a 1:1 ratio sectioning an amount of hair from the scalp with an equal amount of hair in the strand.


Easy Installs:

Appliqué Tip heat shields are the perfect tool to help speed up your installs, protect your client's scalp, and maintain perfect spacing from strand to strand.

Appliqué Tip is a Trademark of Frame & Thread