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Why will I love Frame & Thread's hair?
We spent over two years sourcing and extensively testing top-quality hand-tied wefts. Along the way, we built relationships with some of the top manufacturers in the industry. We found that, while one manufacturer might be exceptional with blondes, another might be the better with rooted colors. We've selected the best of each so we know our quality will exceed your expectations. Our Slavic (most colors) & Mongolian (our two darkest colors) donor hair is ethically sourced, manufactured in a clean modern facility and made to a higher quality and density specification than most hair on the market. We have several working stylists on staff who consistently test and use our product to make sure each batch is ready for your most demanding clients.
Is there anything else I should know about Frame & Thread?
Yes. Our core value is taking care of our partner stylists and salons. We've been here over 3 years and over 94% of stylists who buy our wefts end up being repeat buyers. We're here when you need us and we work very hard to make sure you and your clients are well taken care of. We do things like upgrade shipping if we think something might take too long. We provide new colors, at no charge, for your swatch ring for up to 2 years. We listen when you have a question or a concern and we promise to treat you the way we would like to be treated if we were working hard behind the chair... because we're stylists too!
Frame & Thread wefts are sold individually? Is that right?
Yes, our hand-tied wefts are sold individually. Most of the orders that we receive are a mix of 2 to 4 colors. Being able to select individual wefts lets you create amazing custom blends without buying more hair than you need or be limited to one color because your client doesn't want to buy multiple full packs.
Our micro wefts are sold in a 30" strip equal to 3 hand-tied wefts. This allows you to cut them along the track for your own custom lengths.
Our Appliqué Tips (k-tips) come in packs of 20 single-gram strands.
Is the pricing higher because I'm not buying a full pack?
Nope. That's the point. We're happy to sell you exactly what you need. With Frame & Thread, you can buy single hand-tied wefts without paying more to "break up the pack".
What is the suggested retail pricing?
To quote some of the stylists who buy our hair, our quality is "exquisite", "amazing", and "some of the best I've seen" so you can feel comfortable pricing them accordingly.
Are your hand-tied wefts available to the public?
Wefts are sold only to licensed and certified stylists.
What is your swatch ring upgrade program?
We're different. We price our swatch rings lower than most others and, if you buy a ring, you will get every new color that we release - for free - for the next 2 years. After that, you can add new colors for our cost (currently around $15) or you can buy a complete new ring for 35% off. To qualify, all you have to do is place at least 1 order within the 6 month period before a new color is released.
Are you always out of inventory like the other companies?
When you have a client who wants hair, you don't want to be told "it's not in stock". By stocking a very large amount of inventory, most of the time we have all of our wefts in stock. Yes, really!
I don't have a swatch ring. Can you help me convert some colors?
We have a mix of standard and custom colors. This Instagram story should help and you can always let us know if you need more assistance with color-matching.
Can I cut the wefts?
Cutting hand-tied wefts is not recommended. It will cause the hair to unravel. All wefts are 10 inches wide so there should be no need to cut. Micro wefts can be cut at any point along the track without shedding. Appliqué Tips can be cut as needed.
How long does it take for a custom order?

Hand-tied hair is in extreme demand. It is currently taking approximately 4-20 weeks for special orders.

How long does the hair last?
Hand-tied & Micro wefts should last about 8-12 months with proper maintenance and after-care. After-care should include top-quality salon products. Appliqué Tips are single-use and are not meant to be re-tabbed.
Will the wefts fade?
Follow our 30-day weft-wash challenge and see! Our wefts are processed to maintain color as long as possible and to fade on-tone. However, just as natural and color-treated hair will change with exposure to sun, shampoo, heat-styling and other environmental factors; the wefts will respond the same.
Are the wefts curly when they are wet?

Our wefts are not wavy or curly when wet and, if the client allows it to air-dry, it will
look like air-dried straight hair. Here's Black Magic Woman as it air-dries. And, yes, we have a Tiki Toss in our office and some of us are quite good at it.

Hand-Tied Weft Air Dry Texture

Does sunscreen discolor the wefts?
It definitely can! The chemicals in the sunscreen can stain the wefts a light peach-orange color. Water with high salt, iron, or other mineral content may also discolor the hair. This is more likely to happen with light colored wefts. This happens with all extensions brands. Stylists should educate clients on this during their consultation. Learn more about this in our care guide.
Can I color the wefts?

Yes, they can be colored with permanent or demi-permanent professional color. Vivid colors my also be used, but will fade just as quickly as they do in natural hair.

Lightening (bleaching) the wefts is never recommended!

IMPORTANT! Our wefts our 100% silicone-free human hair. Color pigment can grab darker or inconsistently on ends or where the hair is more porous. This is more common on blonde & balayage wefts.

Always unwrap wefts! Shampoo and condition the wefts to help even out the porosity before coloring. Lay wefts flat when coloring to insure an even application. Use caution with demi-permanent gold and ash tones wefts as wefts can grab the base pigment.

Always closely watch the wefts because processing time can vary. We can not accept returns or exchanges on wefts that have been colored.

Micro wefts can be colored but the track on a micro weft can not.

Do you offer classes?

We do offer in-salon classes. Shadow programs are also available with one of our team educators. Our classes are customized based on your needs. If you would like information on classes, please use the Conversations feature on your account page.

I'm ready to order. How long will it take to get my hair?

If you aren't signed up with us yet, you would apply for an account. We try to verify and approve all accounts within a couple of days. If you have a client waiting and you would like to request a faster approval, send us an email and we'll do our best.

Once approved, you can place an order. If you order by 3pm Eastern Standard Time, we ship same-day. Here's some more information about our shipping.