One Tab – Single Side Tape

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Premium single side tape for fine hair & front extensions.



Premium Single Side Tape for Fine Hair & Front Extensions

One Tab is perfect for single piece installs – great for fine hair, hair that can not hold the weight of a full sandwich, around the temple, or very close to the hair line.

  • 60 pieces per pack
  • 4cm x 0.8cm  (1 9/16″ x 5/16″)
  • compatible with all similar size tape-in tabs
  • gentle bond
  • single piece installs are lighter for less strain on the client’s natural hair
  • our most comfortable tape – perfect for sensitive client’s
  • no-curl for easy installation
  • safe for all hair types
  • 6-8 week wear with proper install & care*
  • quick easy cleanup with our remover spray
  • made in the USA
  • professional use only

Use our prep shampoo and dry the hair fully.
Place extension in client’s hair with seamless tab side out.
Peel one piece of single-sided tape off the clear backing.
Place the tape firmly onto the back of the tab.
Wait 48 hours before first wash.

*Tape bonds become stronger over time. This is true of all tape-ins from any manufacturer. After 6 weeks, they may become more difficult to remove. For easier removals, re-tab and move-ups are best scheduled before 6 weeks.

Store below 80 degrees. Store in a cool, dark, dry place. Seal bag completely after each use.