Frame & Thread's Hand-Tied Care Checklist

Here's a quick product checklist to go with our Hand-Tied Weft Care Guide.

Your Hand-Tied extensions certified stylist can help you find the right products.

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Wet Brush

Salon-Quality Hydrating Shampoo (Silicone Free)

Light Hydrating Daily Conditioner

Extra-Moisturizing Deep Conditioner

Daily Lightweight Clear Oil or Serum (Silicone Free)

Dry Shampoo (Nourishing & Heat Protective if Possible)

Micro-Fiber Towel



Heat Protector

Silk Pillowcase

Discard ALL Sunscreen with Avobenzone (Butyl Methoxydibenzoylmethane) or Octocrylene

Bare Republic Mineral Sunscreen or Similar

Salt & Chemical Protector for Swimming

UV Protector for General Sun Exposure