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Video Education Series for Micro Strands by Frame & Thread x V-Light. Perfect for stylists who already own a V-Light.


Micro Strands by Frame & Thread x V-Light

A unique hair enhancement system that compliments the services you already offer by allowing you to add density where you never could before.

Create ultra-hidden, lightweight, comfortable bonds using the V-Light. Micro Strands can be used to fill in a thinning part, at the hairline, crown, and fringe.

What's Included?

The education you need to confidently take on clients you previously would not have been able to help with traditional extensions.

Designed for stylists who already have their V-Light. This is the comprehensive education you need to perform the service. Does not include any tools or supplies. For our complete kit including the V-Light, remover, and supplies, click here.

Get Results Like This

Before & After screenshots from our educational video series. This installation took about 30 minutes.


Even if You've Never Done Extensions Before

Our educational video series is easy to understand. You will master consultations, placement, technique, removal, pricing, and more.

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Included with our V-Light kit is access to our comprehensive educational video series showing all you need to know to perform the Micro Strand service using V-Light.

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Why Micro Strands

Micro Strands are perfect for clients with thinning hair who want extra density at their part and in other areas where it was not possible to hide bonds before.
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The Service

Micro Strands make it possible to add density or even damage-free highlights to the very finest hair. Using V-Light, you'll be able to provide the most hidden installs ever.
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How Much Hair?

Our Slavic hair is perfect for Micro Strand installs.

Depending on your desired result, use as little as a couple grams to fill-in or multiple grams to add density or length to the finest hair lines and parts.

Our Appliqué Tips (keratin-tips) are an excellent way to buy hair for the V-Light. They're sold in small 20 gram packs and they come on individual single-gram k-tips. You just cut the k-tip off, discard it, and install the hair as you need it with the V-Light.

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Most clients will find life with Micro Strands is easy. They do have a few unique considerations for care. During the first week, clients should expect 5-10% of the strands to shed. This is normal.

Similar to lash extensions, the hair sheds over time so we recommend a fill every 4 weeks.

Clients need to avoid heat and heavy brushing at the bond. Oils at the bond can turn the bond white.

Visit our Care Guide for more info.

Access to Education

After you you purchase the Frame & Thread x V-Light kit, you will be allowed access into our education portal. There you will find written instructions, our video series, and quizzes. You will use your regular account login and simply access the page.

The prettiest, most hidden bonds, will take practice.

Additional Supplies - Adhesive & Remover

The ongoing supplies needed for a stylist performing this service include:

V-Light Adhesive which stays fresh for about 6 months after it's first opened and lasts up to 10 installs. This is all depending on how well you store the bottle while it is not in use and how much you leave it open while it is in use. V-Light adhesive must be kept in a cool, dark, dry place. It should never be exposed to sunlight or freezing temperatures.

V-Light Remover which stays fresh for up to 3 years after it is manufactured and lasts up to 10 removals. This is all depending on how well you store the bottle while it is not in use and how much you leave it open while it is in use. V-Light remover must be kept in a cool, dark, dry place.

Application Brush & Comb combos are disposable. For best results, start each install with a fresh brush & comb combo.

Learn More About the Service


Special Warnings Against Use

The system should not be used if the treated person has any of the following symptoms in the area of the head where the light from the system may shine: abrasions, keloid scars, unhealed scars, herpes, psoriasis, other infectious or inflammatory skin diseases, fungal infections, wounds, sunburn, neurodermatitis, or skin cancer.

The system should not be used if the user or the person being treated has the following conditions: epilepsy, polymorphous light dermatosis, photosensitivity, or hemophilia.

The system should not be used if the treated person is undergoing radiation or chemotherapy.

The system should not be used if the user or treated person is taking photosensitizing medication such as neuroleptics, systemic dermatics, and antiepileptics.

The treatment of pregnant or breastfeeding persons may only be carried out after prior consultation with a doctor. In case of doubt, treatment should be avoided.

Returns / Special Terms & Conditions

Please note that our regular returns policy does not apply to this item. There are no returns or refunds available for any of the items in this video series.

Special Terms and Conditions apply to the purchase of this product. In short, this education is intended for use solely by the purchaser and any sharing or disclosure of the materials is strictly prohibited and protected by US copyright law. By purchasing this item, you are agreeing to be bound by these Terms and Conditions.