Iles Formula, a Certified Brand to Trust

ILES FORMULA is proud to be certified as a ‘Brand To Trust’ by Positive Luxury. The Butterfly Mark is an international accreditation that recognizes the measurable impact and commitment to sustainability that we are making as a luxury brand.

Our commitment to our customers and planet are our priorities. We made this commitment at inception to formulate high performance formulas for maximum impact on the hair, with minimal impact on the environment, and continue to improve our sustainability standards as technologies evolve.

Our guiding principles and the ways in which we give back, particularly within the Amazon Rainforest whose extraordinary diversity is key to the Iles Formula production process:

  • 40 seedling trees are planted in the rainforest every month where many of our powerful ingredients are sourced directly from the forest floor.
  • A further 8 small trees are nursed into maturing over the course of 3 years.
  • Our raw, natural ingredients, and packaging, are sourced exclusively from suppliers who are committed to the permanent improvement of sustainability standards.
  • Our collections are consciously designed and we observe sustainable development goals; ‘Minimalism meets Maximum Performance’ meaning we are driven by the integrity of our formulas that perform on all hair types, not on increasing turnover with endless newness and production.
  • Our packaging is recyclable and free from micro-plastics.
  • We are ISO 14001 certified.
  • Our operations are conducted with integrity and honesty, with respect for the rights and interests of our teams and partners at heart.