Coloring Micro Wefts

One of the most important differences between micro wefts (sometimes called genius wefts or mini wefts) and hand-tied wefts is the way they accept color.

Our micro wefts use the exact same Slavic hair you love. The track is where the two weft types are different.

Hand-tied wefts use a combination of hair and string to create the track that holds the weft together. Both the hair and the string will take hair color so hand-tied wefts can be colored from track to tip.

Micro wefts use, polyurethane, a synthetic material to create the track. The track starts out color-matched to the weft. Micro weft hair will take color but the track will not.

Micro Weft & Genius Weft Coloring Track

Stylist trick: Some stylists use a permanent marker to color the micro weft track.

Please remember that some permanent ink may contain toxins and may irritate the skin. For your health and the safety of your clients, you should select a non-toxic permanent marker. Non-toxic ink should only be applied to the track before the weft is installed and ink must be 100% dry before install. Sharpie Extreme markers and Sharpie Portrait Colors are ACMI certified non-toxic.

Some hair color may unpredictably stain the track.


Micro wefts are sometimes called genius wefts or mini wefts.

Wefts should never be lightened / bleached.

Frame & Thread intends this as a guide for our own micro wefts and we can not be responsible for any use of this information with other brands of micro wefts, genius wefts, or mini wefts.